QGIS International User Conference 2023

QGIS User Conference 2023 took place in Netherlands on 18-19 April, 2023. This conference was organized by the Dutch QGIS User Group in the small town of ‘s -Hertogenbosch.

A long awaited community event that happened after a break of 3 years. The conference was attended by over 200 people from across the world. I got a chance to participate and meet many of QGIS community members in-person.

Conference Group Photo

In this post, I hope to share some of my insights and resources from the conference.

The Location

The conference was hosted in the city of ‘s -Hertogenbosch (pronounced sertohenbos) -or Den Bosch for short – which is also the name of the latest release of QGIS version 3.30. I was able to reach a few days early and explore the city with some geo-friends and try out local delicacies.

The Venue

One of the unique aspects of the conference was the venue. The conference was hosted at Grasso – which is a refurbished factory now being used as an office building. It has large open spaces that was perfect for meeting people and informal discussions.

My Talk and Workshop

I delivered a talk on QGIS Applications for Urban and Regional Planning that showcase QGIS’s capabilities to solve problems in 6 different thematic areasLand Use Planning and Management, Crime Mapping and Analysis, Solid Waste Management, Urban Infrastructure and Utilities, Urban Transportation and Spatial Planning. As part of this project, I also released over 500 pages of open learning materials covering step-by-step instructions. [Presentation with links to resources].

I also launched a new workshop on QGIS Automation using Actions. This workshop covered Python Actions that allow you to customize and automate tasks in QGIS with a little bit of PyQGIS code. It is a good stepping stone for people who know Python and want to get into QGIS development. The workshop is now available publicly and is ideal for self-study. [Workshop Materials]


There isn’t a single place where all the conference talks and workshop resources were shared. I have a collected links to materials from the conference Telegram group and from the speakers themselves. I’ll keep adding links below as they become available.

Note: If you gave a talk at the conference and want to add a link here, please add a comment to the post. Some presentations are also available on Zenodo.

  • Keynote: QGIS.org – The Importance of Seeding [slides1][slides2]
  • Keynote: How QGIS assists the humanitarian work of Red Cross [slides]
  • Talk: Publishing Maps with QGIS Server [slides]
  • Talk: Spatially filtering your project’s layers for more efficient workflows [slides]
  • Talk: QFieldCloud – efficient collaboration in the field [slides]
  • Talk: News from QField – audio, video, map rotation and so much more [slides]
  • Talk: Testing Spatial Data using QGIS and PyTest [slides]
  • Talk: Mergin Maps platform for data collection [slides]
  • Talk: From fieldwork to NDFF using Mergin Maps [slides]
  • Talk: Advanced workflows with Mergin Maps [slides]
  • Talk: Point clouds in QGIS: Now with Processing integration! [slides]
  • Talk: Latest and future improvements in handling of 3D data in QGIS [slides]
  • Talk: Association QGIS Peru promoting GIS networks in Latin America and Europe [slides]
  • Talk: Monitoring-Crop-Water-Productivity-in-the-Mitidja-Plain,-Algeria-using-FAO-WaPOR-Data and-QGIS [slides]
  • Talk: 2022 Brings Two New QGIS Books [slides]
  • Talk: Equity Assessment for Transboundary Water Resources Management Using Remote Sensing Data and QGIS [slides]
  • Talk: Presentation, instructions and data Making a promotion film using QGIS [slides]
  • Talk: State of the PCRaster Tools plugin [slides]
  • Talk: Imaging spectroscopy data in QGIS: Challenges and Opportunities [slides]
  • Talk: Writing QGIS official documentation [slides]
  • Talk: Finding small-scale sport spots in suburban areas using QGIS [slides]
  • Workshop: QGIS Server With Python Superpowers [slides]
  • Workshop: QGIS 3D, LiDAR Point Clouds and the Profile Tool [workshop materials]
  • Workshop: Field Data Collection with QGIS and Mergin Maps [workshop materials]
  • Workshop: QField and QFieldCloud – collaborate efficiently in the field [slides]
  • Workshop: QGIS for Hydrological Applications [workshop materials]

Traveling to Europe from India is hard – both due to the logistics of the travel and the paperwork required to obtain a Visa. In the end, it was totally worth it as I was able to form numerous new connections and reinforce existing ones. Big congratulations to the organizing team for hosting a successful event!


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  1. Hi Sir, Highly Inspired!. Learning one by one all your teachings. I sincerely hope someday to work with you.

    • Same here! Nice meeting you and learn more about Mergin Maps. I have already recommended one of my clients to try mergin maps for synchronizing their QGIS projects for their team!

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