Learning Resources

QGIS Tutorials

Available in 10+ languages and used by 1M+ users every year. Covers all topics suitable from beginner to advanced users with step-by-step instructions.


Comprehensive and structured course materials for advanced topics. Shared under open-license suitable for self-learning and non-commercial use.

Spatial Thoughts YouTube Channel

Tutorials, lectures, guided projects and more content in easy to understand videos.

Spatial Thoughts Blog

Regularly updated blog covering events and technical topics related to open-source geospatial technologies such as QGIS, Earth Engine, GDAL, Mapshaper and more.

TaLKS and Lectures

Recorded videos from lectures and technical talks from various conferences and events.

Spatial Thoughts Newsletter

A free email newsletter regarding new learning resources and training events. It covers newly posted QGIS materials, relevant materials from conferences, discussions on open-source geospatial technology and more.

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