Customizing QGIS with Python Workshop

Bangalore, India

14 December, 2019

This is a hands-on workshop that teaches you how to customize QGIS using the Python API. This workshop is intended for users who are familiar with QGIS and want to learn how to use programming techniques to build custom scripts, functions and plugins. Basic Python knowledge is preferred, but not required.

Advanced QGIS and Python Training

NESAC, Umiam, India

14-16 October, 2019

This is a 3-day workshop covering advanced QGIS topics and GDAL command-line utilities. Participants will learn about techniques for automating their workflows and tools for processing large amounts of raster data.

Advanced QGIS
PyQGIS MasterClass
GDAL/ OGR Utilities

Spatial Thinking for Urban Planners

IIHS, Bangalore, India

22 August, 2019

Introductory class for Urban Fellows on working with spatial data.

The class will teach you how to find, use and analyze spatial data for urban issues.

  • Exploring Global Landuse Change using Google Earth Timelapse
  • Custom Interactive Maps with Google My Maps
  • Analyzing Urban Mobility with Uber Movement Data

Automating GIS Workflows

A Coruña, Spain

4 March, 2019

This workshop will cover hands-on tutorials on tools and techniques within QGIS to automate GIS data processing. I would cover tutorials that cover

  • Processing Framework
  • Batch processing
  • Running and scheduling processing jobs
  • Writing custom python scripts for processing framework