Customizing QGIS with Python

A hands-on class that teaches you how to customize QGIS using the Python API. This course is intended for users who want to learn how to use programming techniques to build custom scripts, functions and plugins.


8 Hours


Learning Outcomes

  • Write scripts with for custom geoprocessing
  • Build plugins and processing tools with user interfaces
  • Set up actions and custom functions with custom business logic

Course Outline

  • Where can you use Python in QGIS?
  • Qt, PyQt and PyQGIS
  • Understanding Classes
  • Visual Tour of the PyQGIS API
  • Creating Custom Python Actions
  • Writing Python Console Scripts
  • Writing Standalone Python Scripts
  • Writing a Processing Script
  • Simplifying Processing Scripts
  • Writing Plugins
    • Processing Plugin
    • GUI Plugin
  • Writing Python Expression Functions
  • Resources for Further Learning


Spatial Thoughts is one of the handful of QGIS certifying organizations globally. Participants who attend a live session of this class will each receive an official, employer-verifiable certification from

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CUSTOMIZING QGIS WITH PYTHON workshop is for anyone who is new to programming and wanted to begin as a QGIS developer in their career.

Naveen Kumar G T, Sensing Local, Bangalore

I got a good idea on the customization of QGIS and also the scripting aspects with Python, even though I had very minimal knowledge in Python, by the end of the workshop, i got a lot of confidence on scripting

Gurudatta K. AaronGSD, Bangalore