Python Foundation for Spatial Analysis

This class covers Python from the very basics. Suitable for GIS practitioners with no programming background or python knowledge. The course will introduce participants to basic programming concepts, libraries for working with spatial data, geospatial APIs and techniques for building spatial data processing pipelines.


8 Hours


Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of how to setup the Python environment and install packages.
  • Ability to write simple scripts for data processing, querying web APIs and using geospatial libraries.
  • Familiarity with data science libraries to scale your analysis to large datasets.

Course Outline

  • Setting up the environment using Anaconda and Jupyter notebooks
  • Programming basics – variables, data structures, functions, flow control
  • Reading and writing files (file I/O, csv)
  • Installing and using libraries (geopy)
  • Using web APIs (openrouteservice)
  • Introduction to modern data science libraries (numpy, pandas)
  • Introduction to spatial analysis (geopandas)
  • Using raster data (rasterio)
  • Building scripts and automating workflows

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