Advanced QGIS

This class is ideal for participants who already use QGIS and want to take their skills to the next level. We cover techniques for automating your workflows, advanced visualization techniques, QGIS expression engine and must-have plugins. Participants will also earn official certification upon completion.


12 Hours


Learning Outcomes

  • Automate GIS Workflows
  • Increase productivity and reduce errors
  • Create beautiful visualizations
  • Solve complex spatial analysis problems

Course Outline

  • Processing Framework
  • Processing Toolbox
  • Batch Processing
  • Graphical Modeler
  • Enabling Reproducible Workflows
  • 2D Animations
  • 3D Animations
  • Advanced Expressions
  • Must-have Plugins


Spatial Thoughts is one of the handful of QGIS certifying organizations globally. Participants who attend a live session of this class will each receive an official, employer-verifiable certification from


Self Study

Work through our study material at your own pace. No certificate or support will be provided.

Cost: Free

Instructor-led live online sessions

Join our cohort-based course with live online classes. Includes certification and lifetime technical support.

Cost: USD $120 / EUR €100 / INR ₹7500+ GST

Meet Our Participants

The Advanced QGIS course was really good, with excellent material and very well organized. Ujaval is a great teacher with very high knowledge of the subject and equally high pedagogical skills. Vigna always provided very good help and made sure the course ran smoothly. I learned a lot of new things that I have started already applying in my daily work. I look forward to participating in future course of Spatial Thoughts and I highly recommend my colleagues and others to participate.

Marco Hernandez, Design Engineer, Helios Nordic Energy AB, Sweden

The course was very well thought out and structured. It was fascinating to see what is possible in QGIS. Ujaval and Vigna answered all questions promptly and provided personalized feedback on the submitted task. Everyday work is certainly simplified by the methods presented. Thank you very much for the great course.

Marc Überschär, Environmental Engineer, Hydrotec Water and Environment Engineers GmbH, Germany

The course is structured in a very student-friendly manner. The concepts taught open up new understandings of how to approach a query in multiple dimensions. Ujaval Gandhi’s bundle of experience and art of teaching are truly mesmerizing; the explanations, datasets, and examples demonstrated are remarkable. There are participants from diverse backgrounds; this gives the class a highly interactive chance to explore more. Highly recommended for all QGIS enthusiasts. A miracle is witnessed: the workflow that takes hours is turned into minutes. I am very grateful to the academy for providing an opportunity to learn.

Raghavendra S P, Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre, India.

A great overview of the advanced capabilities of Qgis. The zoom / instructor led activities is a far more effective approach than self paced tutorials as you get immediate feed back on problems encountered. I also found it very useful to hear other thoughts and questions from other members of the course located all over the globe.

Lewis Crawford, Equal Experts, UK

Special appreciation to Mr. Ujaval Gandhi for his way of approaching the workshop. The teaching is excellent. Also, to be noted is his way of imparting knowledge by bringing in reference to current problems and how he has dealt with them. I definitely recommend courses offered by Spatial Thoughts to anyone – a beginner or an expert in the field.

Sreya Madhavan, Skylark Drones, India

I have been using QGIS and other tools on regular basis. Even then the Advanced QGIS course has taught me many new and more efficient ways to do my work. I feel every GIS professional either experienced or beginner can get grate value from this course. One will find even better ideas and capabilities to do their work after this workshop.

Vaibhav Shrivastava, WRI, India.

I highly recommend the “Advanced QGIS” course at Spatial Thoughts with Ujaval Gandhi to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge and skills of this powerful open-source GIS software. Ujaval’s teaching style is clear and engaging, and his expertise in QGIS is evident in the way he presents complex concepts with ease. The course materials are well-organized and practical, with real-world examples that demonstrate how to apply QGIS in a variety of contexts. Many thanks to Ujaval and Vigna for their constant kindness and patience in assisting us. I now feel more confident in my ability to use QGIS to solve a wide range of geospatial problems.

Abdillahi Osman Omar, University Putra, Malaysia.

As a Masters from Remote Sensing and GIS field of study, I can say that I am learning a lot from what I haven’t been taught or topics that got updated over time. I will take every course from Spatial Thoughts!!

Adithya Valivety, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

I have been using Qgis for some years, and as a self-thought, I started feeling stuck in my learning path. This Advanced QGIS course was just great; Ujaval is an excellent teacher with outstanding knowledge! I really appreciated the course’s quality and contents, and I highly recommend it to all the Qgis users who want to level up their skills!

Luigi Carboni, Research Fellow. Politecnico di Milano, Italy

I participated in the advanced QGIS certification in July 2020. With Ujaval you have an extremely experienced teacher. He has amazing rhetorical skills, neat preparation and documentation and makes the group smile once in a while.Thanks and see you again!

Kai Michael Dietrich, Manufacturing Cities, Germany

I attended Advanced QGIS session by Ujaval Gandhi. The overall experience was great and very informative. It was easier to learn the use of various tools and plugins in QGIS through practical sessions. The class also had interactive session where our doubts were answered. I am thankful for this session to have met various other users of QGIS. As a new user of QGIS, I am happy to join QGIS community. The online class is as effective as in-person class session. I would recommend the class to anyone who is starting to use QGIS.

Queen Suraajini Rajendran, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

It always strikes me how much can be learnt in less than 8 hours. Ujaval is more than knowledgeable, and not only with respect to QGIS, which he clearly masters. He is available to discuss any topic having to do with QGIS and always gives useful answers/suggestions.

Eduard Sebastian Lukasiewicz, University of Göttingen, Germany

This course is well packaged and taught for anyone who is interested in advancing their QGIS skills to the next level. Ujaval and Santhosh in depth knowledge and experience in QGIS introduces tricks, advanced QGIS expressions and plugins that can be applied to solve various geospatial problems. The course covers advanced concepts that provide GIS professionals with flexibility of analyzing and visualizing geospatial data using the power of open-source software. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to advance their technical skills in GIS analysis.

John Waweru, University of Bonn, Germany

The Advanced Course for QGIS was very useful to me for it showed a new world of powerful functionalities that QGIS provide that I would probably never know about.

Filipe S C Pinhati, university of queensland, Australia

Spatial Thoughts offers well-researched and comprehensive training. The thoughtful approach immediately teaches how to apply theory to live example Great learning experience. Thanks to Ujaval Gandhi Sir and Vigna Purohit.

Ranjan Kumar, Central University of South Bihar, India.

Ujaval is a proficient GIS trainer and his way of teaching will definitely you bound you not only for 2 days you can continue his class for days along with his value bombs in between class. You can get personalized thoughts and help from him. I would highly recommend attending his class.

Chandra Shekhar Singh, Sterlite Technologies Limited, India.

There was more freedom in this course, Kudos to the trainers they answer all our queries, learning more about the aggregate functions and other little known aspects of QGIS was inculcated which can make QGIS workflows more easy.

Pawan Muddu, GRED Foundation and the University of Twente, India.

A couple of months ago, I was battling with my intention to switch to the use of an open source software for GIS. As novice as I was, my anticipation of becoming a skilled user of QGIS in a space of 2 months was in great doubt. However, the spatial thoughts course on Advance QGIS has made me believe that becoming an expert in GIS is possible once you are determined to do so. I am confident now to perform complex spatial problems in a short time with knowledge in Modelling, Batch processing, spatial indexing and expressions. In view of this, I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to solve complex spatial problems with GIS.

Samuel Agyekum, Wageningen, Netherlands.

Just 8hrs through this course felt like my entire time in College. My nightmare project for months now became heavenly with the help of plugins, tools and tricks introduced by Ujaval

Samuel Kofi Agyei Tuffour, ZetaLight, India.

One of the best QGIS courses one can take. Quite practical and very inspiring to keep learning. The teacher is very friendly

Renzo Kenneth Rivero Sullca, Peru

Ujaval’s style of training is extremely effective and enjoyable. Even though he has made so much of the content freely available through his blogs, the instructor led classes are completely worth the time and cost. His experience, creativity and practical examples while answering all questions is incredibly helpful.

Ruel Dsouza, Consultant, India

What I love about the class is ease on understandings shortcuts which speed up the whole work process and also who are looking future in research domain it helps to save a lot of time while understanding a concept on datasets with broader perspective.

Priyanka Machya, Freelancer, India

A very valuable experience. I found the course challenging and rewarding. The expressions and processing framework modules were very interesting.

Harpinder Singh, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, India

Automating analytic workflows boosts productivity and secures the repeatability of analysis. While automation is typically achieved with scripting languages, the course explains how to achieve it with the QGIS graphical modeler, which leverages high-performance tools provided in the processing toolbox. Gaining familiarity with the graphical modeler is crucial for non-coders, and provides great new opportunities for coders too. Experts tips and tricks on advanced visualization techniques are also provided during the course. The instructor is very knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills. I would recommend this course to anyone working on a regular basis with spatial data.

Ivan Palmegiani, IP Analytics, Germany.

Great workshop, well organised and easy to follow! I highly recommend Spatial Thoughts and their super cool trainer, for any GIS, RS or programming courses/workshops. Great value for money!

Ionut Ungurianu, Timisoara GIS Community, Romania

First of all a big thank you to Ujaval for conducting such training. It is very useful for those who are interested to pursue their career into GIS like me. After attending the course I some how feel confident and looking forward to join next training.

Arpita Chatterjee, Cognizant, India

Great course! Ujaval is a wonderful instructor with tons of in-depth knowledge on QGIS and spatial analysis. The exercises are very helpful and Ujaval ensures that the whole class can follow along. The course is somewhat fast-paced, but definitely manageable.

Max Russer, Consultant, United States of America

Ujaval’s mode of teaching is one of the best i have come across. All his training sessions are quite unique and present a great learning opportunity. His coursework is also very much detailed and also supplemented with an online dedicated workshop page that is specific to the participants who can get back to it even post the workshop. These are new experiences for me which i had not come across in the past. Thanks Ujaval for such a user friendly workshop and wishing you all the best! I look forward to attending your future courses in the pipeline.

Gurudatta K. N, Aaron GSD, India

I learned a lot in advance QGIS workshop with Ujaval. Online workshop helped me in attending it from Melbourne. It was eye opener in seeing how much easy to automate tasks in QGIS. Thank you Ujaval.

Milind Joshi,

Online module of Advanced QGIS was well crafted by Mr. Ujaval Gandhi. This course fitted in well with my previous learning experiences. The sessions were interactive, informative and fun-filled. I can now work smartly in QGIS. Thank you Ujaval

Teju Kumar N, ACIWRM Government of Karnataka, India

The course was awesome and it covered most of the nuances and intricacies which would have taken ages to understand using an eBook or online tutorial. The Presenter is knowledgeable and he clarifies the doubts then and there. I would highly recommend this course for both novice young GIS aspirants and for GIS experts, as there is always more to learn, irrespective of where you stand.

Manikandan K, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Ujaval’s training was very well planned and delivered, with every little detail thought out, and knowledgeable answers to every query. Such training’s enable me to accelerate my learning and are well appreciated!

Craig Dsouza, Freelancer, India

The instructor has huge experience and answer all the questions, The course was interactive and cover very interesting topics with many practical examples.

Fahad Alahmadi,

This training session opened my eyes to what is possible with open source QGIS, even more… there are functionalities not available in commercial software. I will wait for more other courses from Spatial Thoughts.

Raul Mejia, Pontificia Universidad Católica del, Ecuador

Spatial Thoughts’ training packages will demonstrate to you the strengths of QGIS and will make you fall in love with QGIS. I took the Advanced QGIS course and really learnt wonderful things that will make my work easier and faster. Ujaval himself is a world of GIS and He has been gifted with superb teaching skills. Thumbs up Spatial Thoughts!

Isah Abdullahi Tanko, Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET), Nigeria

Extremely useful course for water resources management. As the data and technology to access and analyse becomes easy and powerful, it is necessary to know how to use them. Spatial thoughts course is very useful in this regard.

Sashikumar N, ACIWRM Government of Karnataka, India

The training was a very interesting one, it is a new area of learning for me ,but was made interesting by Mr.Ujaval Gandhi , Shall pursue the interest generated and get to learn more of the subject in the coming days.Thanks to Ujaval and look forward for further training’s in the subject in coming days.

Sangeetha P, ACIWRM Government of Karnataka, India

The class was very informative and very well paced. The session I attended started very early in the morning in my timezone but the material and presentation kept my attention all the way though. I have been using QGIS for several years and this class was able to teach me several new tips and tricks that will make my day to day work easier and more efficient.

Philip Bernard, Frontier Geospatial, USA

Highly recommend this course for the latest tips and tricks for QGIS.

Jane Kogelschatz, USA

It was a great learning experience for me. All the queries were taken up sincerely.

Neha Patil, Government of Maharashtra, India

This is great course to start journey in advanced GIS. Ujaval is cool trainer and keen to resolve problem encounter while doing exercise. Happy to be part of this course.

Pravin, University of Mumbai, India

Excellent Lecture by an expert Mr. Ujaval Gandhi, clear explanation and I happen to gain more knowledge and each different ways in able to get one answer and for me to learn more that QGIS can be useful especially to non-GIS people and for me to show a clear visual for the community in mapping and sharing data analysis.

‘Ahi’ahi Saipa’ia, Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forests and Fisheries (MAFFF), Tonga

The overall experience has been excellent. I took the Advanced QGIS course and learned a lot of valuable knowledge that will help me function more effectively. Ujaval Gandhi’s guidelines were excellent. If you want to strengthen your GIS skills, I recommend taking the Training Course provided by Spatial Thoughts.

Pandurang Hulsoor, Research Assistant at ACIWRM

The training offered was simply awesome. I am relatively new to QGIS, but the instructions were clear with detailed explanations of the workflows that made it seem like I have been using QGIS for a long time. The quality of the presentation was second to none, with the trainers always available and happy to help participants overcome whatever challenges they faced. Ujaval Gandhi and his team have done an amazing job preparing this course. If you want to take your QGIS skills to the next level and become a power user, you are in the right place. I’m already looking forward to continuing my transformation into a power user of QGIS with Spatial Thoughts by registering for the next course.

Kulee Mawamou Keculah, Clean Liberia Initiative, Liberia.