Mapping and Data Visualization with Python

This is an intermediate-level class that covers libraries for creating static and dynamic visualizations using Python. You will learn how to create charts, plots, maps and animations using various Python libraries. The course also covers advanced data processing techniques using Pandas, GeoPandas, and XArray.


12 Hours


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the Python data visualizaiton landscape
  • Ability to explore and visualize all types of tabular and gridded datasets
  • Create interactive mapping visualizations
  • Build interactive dashboards and web mapping applications

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Python Data Visualization Landscape
  • Tabular and Vector Data Visualization
    • Creating charts and plots using Pandas
    • Creating maps with GeoPandas
    • Using basemaps with Contextily
  • Raster and Gridded Data Visualization
    • Raster Data Visualization using Xarray and rioxarray
    • Mapping Gridded Datasets with Xarray and CartoPy
  • Interactive Mapping
    • Creating Interactive Maps with Folium
    • Creating Multi-Layer Interactive Maps with GeoPandas
  • Dashboards and Apps
    • Introduction to Streamlit
    • Building an interactive mapping dashboard


Upon successful completion of all the live online sessions and assignments, participants will be issued an employer-verifiable certificate from Spatial Thoughts. Learn more.

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Meet Our Participants

It’s fantastic attending this course. Learning to use Colab notebook for virtual analytics and processing large files (raster and vectors) from url and several python libraries was particularly significant for me.

Michael Ogungbuyi
University of Tasmania, Australia

Awesome! The exercises and examples were practical and useful for anyone who regularly works with spatial data and needs to visualize the results. Ujaval does a great job of making it approachable for everyone. This short course dramatically accelerated my process of learning python.

Ryan Rock, University of Montana – Spatial Analysis Lab, United States