Mastering GDAL Tools

GDAL is an open-source library for raster and vector geospatial data formats. The library comes with a vast collection of utility programs that can perform many geoprocessing tasks. This class introduces GDAL utilities with example workflows for processing satellite and aerial imagery.


6 Hours


  • Familiarity with satellite image processing

Learning Outcomes

  • Write commands to process large volumes of data
  • Effectively work with drone/aerial imagery
  • Automate satellite data processing

Course Outline

  • Running GDAL Commands
  • Processing Satellite Data
    • Merging individual bands into RGB composite
    • Apply Histogram Stretch and Color Correction
    • Pan Sharpening
  • Computing NDVI
  • Georeferencing
    • Georeferencing images with corner coordinates
    • Georeferencing with GCPs
  • Processing of Aerial Imagery
  • Multi Criteria Weighted Overlay Analysis
  • Running commands in batch

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