End-To-End Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Engine is a cloud-based platform that enables large-scale processing of satellite imagery to detect changes, map trends, and quantify differences on the Earth’s surface. This course covers the full range of topics in Earth Engine to give the participants practical skills to master the platform and implement their remote sensing projects.


24 Hours


  • Familiarity with remote sensing concepts

Learning Outcomes

  • Implement remote sensing workflows in Earth Engine.
  • Scale your analysis to large regions and over long periods of time.
  • Build interactive apps for data exploration.
  • Carry out time-series analysis and change detection with earth observation data.
  • Use Machine Learning techniques with remote sensing datasets.

Course Outline

Course Pre-work (Self-study, 2-hours)

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing (video)
  • Introduction to Earth Engine (video)

Module 1: Earth Engine Basics (Live Session, 4-hours)

  • Introduction to the Code Editor
  • Fundamentals of Javascript programming
  • Working with Image Collections
  • Creating Mosaics and Composites
  • Working with Feature Collections
  • Import/Export

Module 2: Earth Engine Intermediate (Live Session, 4-hours)

  • Map/Reduce Programming Concepts
  • Calculating Indices
  • Cloud Masking
  • Calculating Area and Statistics
  • Time-series Charts

Module 3: Machine Learning (Live Session, 4-hours)

  • Overview of Machine Learning Methods
  • Supervised Classification
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • Improving Classification
  • Exporting Classification Results

Module 4: Change Detection (Live Session, 4 hours)

  • Introduction to Change Detection
  • Spectral Distance Change
  • Direct Classification of Change
  • Time Series Classification

Module 5: Earth Engine Apps (Live Session, 4 hours)

  • Client vs. Server
  • Building User Interfaces in Earth Engine
  • Publishing your first Earth Engine App

 Module 6: Earth Engine Python API (Live Session, 4 hours)

  • Introduction to Google Earth Engine Python API
  • Exporting ImageCollections
  • Using Python libraries for creating Charts
  • Automating Downloads
  • Overview of GEE+Tensorflow integration for Deep Learning

Assignments (2-hours)

  • Assignment 1: Export VIIRS DNB NightLights Data
  • Assignment 2: Chart Temperature from TerraClimate Data
  • Assignment 3: Supervised Classification of an Urban Region


Upon successful completion of all the live online sessions and completing the assignments, participants will be issued an employer-verifiable certificate from Spatial Thoughts. Learn more.


Self Study

Work through our study material at your own pace. No certificate or support will be provided.

Cost: Free

Instructor-led live online sessions

Get an employer-verifiable certificate from Spatial Thoughts and lifetime technical support.

Cost: USD $185 / EUR €175 / INR ₹13000 + GST

Meet our Participants

I truly enjoyed this comprehensive introduction to the world of remote sensing and Google Earth Engine. Ujaval is a wonderful teacher and you can feel his passion for the subject, in addition to wanting to help each student understand the material. He clearly explains concepts, and answers all questions with ease, demonstrating his expertise at every turn. The mixture of frontal instruction, quizzes, and exercises kept me engaged and allowed for continuing practice throughout the lessons and the course. Google Earth Engine will no longer be intimidating to use for anyone who takes this course.

Ephraim Fruchter, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

I didn’t know how powerful GEE was until I took this course. Throughout the lessons I not only learned about its features, I also learned about different approaches using this tool that Ujaval explained in detail. Finally, the possibility of applying for a student discount was very helpful for me, so I’m grateful with Spatial Thought team.

Franco David Barrionuevo, Argentina

Google Earth Engine (GEE) is an incredibly potent and innovative platform for geospatial analysis and data visualization. Ujaval Gandhi’s approach to making the seeker understand the underlying concepts to explore GEE is truly magic. The course is very well equipped with potential resources and the latest data linked to events; this makes the course lively and interactive. Highly recommended for students, scientists, and anyone else who wants to discover geospatial Data . At the end, Ujaval Gandhi links various materials for enriching the knowledge; this initiates a new beginning of discovering more to evolve.

Raghavendra S P, Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Centre, India.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the 24-hour End to End Google Earth Engine, taught by Ujaval. To say that the course exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. Ujaval, with his immense knowledge and expertise in spatial data analysis, made the entire learning journey an enjoyable and enriching experience. The course was well-paced, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their prior knowledge with GEE, could follow along. This course was a deeply rewarding experience

Younes Abid, Ph.D senior data scientist NLP, CV, SAR, BAYANAT, United Arab Emirates.

This course was incredibly insightful, providing a wealth of practical and relevant knowledge. The concepts I learned are poised to have a direct impact in tackling the unique challenges facing Africa. In addition, I plan to integrate some of the materials covered into my teachings, helping to inspire and educate future generations of scientists. I extend my deepest gratitude to Ujaval and the entire team for such an impactful course. Your efforts are truly making a meaningful difference across nations.

James Magidi, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa.

The course is amazing! I extremely recommend it. Ujaval and Vigna smooth the learning path since they are capable of translating very complicated things even to beginners. Their excitement about GEE is contagious and you can see how much they studied and are qualified for teaching us. All the examples given in the course and the exercises made me more confident to use the platform and allowed me to see plenty of possibilities in GEE. I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned in my thesis and deepen my studies. Looking forward to attending other courses from Spatial Thoughts!

Luisa Azevedo Oliveira,Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Ujaval and Vigna are amazing instructors and cleared all our doubts about how to navigate through Google Earth Engine interface, write javascript queries, find data from various datasources, explore this data, understand example queries and ask right questions to find answers.

Atul Chaudhari, United States of America.

Mr Ujaval Gandhi is an extraordinary teacher to deliver online lectures for Remote sensing & GIS, especially for GEE. First time I learned a lot through online classes. I would like to thanks Vigna Purohit for her valuable feedback and support throughout the course. It’s really an amazing experience

Pawan Kumar, Aidash Systems India Private Limited.

Google Earth Engine allowed the development of a new perspective based on outlier data; the data sets related to Google mean a massive opportunity for researchers and students; courses that promote developing programming skills based on new world trends have a high value. Thank you Spatial Thoughts! a fantastic spatial experience!

Sayuri Salamanca, Nagoya University, Japan.

I had a very positive experience with this course. Ujaval and Vigna are great instructors and were absolutely meticulous with their course content. I specifically appreciate their efforts with doubt clearing; they took great pains to add references wherever the participants requested. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to get started with Google Earth Engine!

Shivaranjan Menon K, India.

There are several reasons why this is a great course. It has an excellent plan where each topic is explained with very good material, while the quizzes and exercises keep the audience engaged. By separating the sessions from one week to the next, it makes it easy to acquire the knowledge while still doing the more advanced exercises. The many questions raised in each session were dealt with quickly and efficiently, and the explanations were supported by additional material. Thanks to Ujaval and Vigna for providing a complete end-to-end training on Google Earth Engine.

David De La Fuente, GMV, Spain.

Course instructor, Ujaval Gandhi is an excellent teacher that made me more enthusiastic about learning GEE. I would like to thank course TA, Vigna Purohit for her valuable feedback. The overall experience of this course was amazing and I am lot more confident while working in GEE now. This course was very helpful to me.

Anindita Dasgupta, IIT Bangalore, India.

This is the most effective online class I have ever participated in. Ujaval is a deeply knowledgable teacher, whose hands on approach guides participants from varying levels of coding or GIS experience. He also took the time to find (or even build) scripts to answer our specific research questions. I feel like I have a much stronger foundation in GEE after taking this course, and Ujaval left us with plenty of resources to guide continued independent learning. I couldn’t recommend this course enough!

Tara Rodkey, Texas A&M University Kingsville,United States of America.

I’d had some experience in GEE before the class but, even on the first class which was an introductory-level class, I learned so much!! Fantastic and generous instructor, and superb content. The class goes so much more in-depth than free tutorials online, and the instructor and TA give very good explanations on the subjects. I’d recommend the class to anyone: you’d get answers to your specific questions in your field.

Ima Ituen, York University, Canada.

I had a wonderful time with everyone in my End-to-End Google Earth Engine class. It’s an excellent course! I met so many intelligent folks here. After this course, I’m increasingly comfortable in utilising Google Earth Engine for my study research, which makes use of geospatial big data. In this class, I’m also interested and enthralled by the frontier technique. Many thanks to Mr. Ujaval and Vigna for their constant kindness and patience in assisting us.

Abdillahi Osman Omar, University of Putra, Malaysia.

End to End GEE training was conducted for 4days.It’s my pleasure to appreciate the trainer. There was an exercise to complete by the participant after each topic. It gives the hands on experience to the participant. The doubts and queries are also clarified/explained with examples on the fly and also added in notes page for further reading. Thanks to Spatial thoughts for providing knowledge & usage of GEE. I, Personally gained a wonderful experience to build & run scripts and to see the results on the screen. Data analysis by GEE will help us in our daily activities .My Sincere and special thanks to Ujaval Gandhi ji.

Keerthi V, Scientist-SE,National Remote Sensing Center, ISRO, India

I really enjoy the fulfilling time in the End-to-End Google Earth Engine class with everyone. It’s a fantastic course! I met so many clever people here. After this class, I feel more confident in applying Google Earth Engine to my development research using geospatial big data. Also, I’m currently fascinated and enthralled by the frontier technique in this class. Many thanks to Mr. Ujaval and Vigna, because they are very kind and patient in supporting us all the time.

Yilin Chen, Nagoya University, Japan.

The training and the organization is top-notch. I really gained a lot and the hands on exercises were very fundamental. The structure and explanations through out the training was excellent. My confidence is higher now!

Adeyemi Olusola, York University, Canada.

The course was well structured and the concepts of GEE are presented by covering the corresponding Remote sensing data processing chain. Ujaval’s presentation was so soothing and giving confidence to everyone with his enthusiasm. Assignments and quizzes are also well balanced to address the concepts of the sessions. I personally feel that every person in to the domain of Geo-spatial technology must experience Ujaval’s course on End to End Google Earth Engine.

Sampath Kumar P, Scientist/Engineer – ‘SF’, National Remote Sensing Centre, India

I joined the Earth Engine team a few months ago and needed to quickly learn Earth Engine from an end user’s perspective. The End-to-End Earth Engine course was phenomenal. It’s carefully crafted. Concepts build on one another, and the projects are really helpful. When friends ask me how to learn Earth Engine, I point them here. Thank you Ujaval!

Steve Greenberg, Engineering Manager, Google, United States of America.

As always Ujaval and his team provide an amazing spatial journey from which you come back with a backpack full of case studies, datasets, ressources and more ! Highly recommended for those who have always dreamt to know more about the possibilities offered by GoogleEarthEngine.

Yves Barthelemy, Italy.

I’ve taken a few courses now with Spatial Thoughts, and they never disappoint. Ujaval is the most knowledgeable person I’ve encountered in this space. He also chose a great assistant, as Santhosh is very helpful. Not only are they great at what they do, but they are also very patient and philanthropic with their knowledge, going above and beyond the courses to help people. It is greatly admired and appreciated.

Elise Roberts, BRON Intl, The Bahamas.

First, I would like to start by saying that this is “THE BEST” experience I have so far from an online course. I would recommend this class to an absolute beginner or to a self-taught intermediate coder. One more thing, true to their word, even after the class ended, the instructor and the TA responded to all my inquiries within a Day. one word to sum it all. WOW !

Hansanee Madushani Fernando,University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

I am a big believer in applied learning. I only wish my university classes were as good as this! This is one of the best online classes I have taken. I learned more about remote sensing in this class than anywhere else combined. Thanks, SpatialThoughts!

Gregory Cermak, Science Communications/Data Analytics Specialist, United States of America

This is a great introductory course in GEE. There are so many resources on GEE available online and I was of the view this would be no different. But I was wrong and I am glad I attended this course. Well organized course structure for everyone from beginner to experience to benefit from. Teaching is superb and the materials, examples, and supplementary materials are very useful. I greatly benefited from this course. Thank you SpatialThoughts team.

Jyothi Kumari, Independent Consultant, Egypt.

For a beginner in GEE looking out for comprehensive foundation course, this End-to-End GEE training stands out because how the course moves gradually from covering basics and slowly becoming a bit challenging. It does however require quite of self-practice to get used to in GEE, with diverse self-exploratory materials available from them. I mostly liked how the course, materials and execution is well designed and feels supported as Ujaval and team is always keen on helping you out, that too for LIFE TIME 😉

Bibek Raj Shrestha, Global Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, Nepal.

Really, enjoyed this course and learned a huge amount, from JavaScript basics to using Google Earth Engine for supervised classifications and App creation. The interactive style of the course really helped with some of the more difficult coding parts as I definitely learn more by doing than watching. Overall pleased and would recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about Google Earth Engine.

Joe Lydon, Sior Consulting, Ireland

I highly recommend this course on Google-Earth-Engine (GEE) to anyone interested in remote sensing and spatial analysis. I have followed other courses with GEE and tutorials which gave basics understanding, but this course is the best course. It builds skills with well explained bits of information until you feel confident with the API. The team and support from Ujaval and Santhosh is just great and help not only for the course material but for real applications. I am very happy with results from the course and saves me a lot of time for real jobs mapping forest at country scale.

Inti Luna, Aistech Space, Spain.

It’s a highly recommended course because of multiple reasons. This is an interactive course. Specially, the exercises in each chapters and assignments made the course most interesting and easier to follow. You are provided with great resources and techniques through the course content. They are absolutely professional and value your time. The instructors were always willing to answer every question and solve our problems. The course provides life time support!

Md. Imam Sohel Hossain, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Bangladesh

Everyone attending the Earth Engine course will develop basic skills in working with Google Earth Engine as a result of Ujaval’s course work and exercises, which will help them become more confident in their abilities. I was introduced to the immensity of Google Earth Engine. Throughout the session, Ujaval presents numerous examples and also addresses any questions that may have arisen. Overall, I gained a solid foundational grasp of the possibilities of the Google Earth Engine, and I believe the Spatial Thoughts team has done an excellent job in developing this course material. We owe them our gratitude for doing such an excellent job of explaining this difficult subject in an understandable manner. Thank you, Ujaval, and the rest of the team!

Prakash Pilinja Subrahmanya, ICHEC, Ireland.

This course is very well done and programmed. I have no background in remote sensing nor in programming, but I was able to keep up with Ujaval. Why? Because Ujaval is an expert. He explains very well and animates the sessions with quizzes and exercises. Moreover, he provided us with resources and materials. Santhosh did also a great work by explaining us and helping us in exercises and assignments. They are very professional regarding time management and very generous in terms of knowledge. I am very satisfied with this course. Thank you again, Ujaval and Santhosh!

Hajar Choukrani, IAV Hassan II – L’institut Agro Montpellier, Morocco

I found the course extremely helpful. Even though I am not familiar with either JavaScript or Python, I did not come across any difficulties while handling GEE as the course was designed and delivered in a way that guided us through everything. The concepts were made very easy to grasp. Also, the support received throughout the course was really good. I would highly recommend this course and I look forward to attending future courses as well.

Aatreyee Nath, NESAC, India

Ujaval Gandhi was superb! Great explanations and a ton of useful scripts. I enjoyed, and I learned a lot during the classes. I highly recommend this course.

Filippo Maria Raeli, GIS Developer, Italy

I would highly recommend this course to my students who are working in the area of Consultancy for Sustainability/ Environmental Management. The end to end course is tailored in an excellent way wherein Ujaval takes us from the very basic of JavaScript coding to the advanced level of GEE. The best part of the course was Machine Learning, which is already a big game changer in addressing some of the wicked problems.

Vikrant Vijay Patil, Xavier Institute of Management, India

It was an amazing experience for sure. Both instructors did their best to convey the content clearly and objectively, in addition to being always available to answer any questions we had. The class was made up of few students and this ensured dynamic and interactivity between students and instructors. I recommend the course for those who want to get started with the features of Google Earth Engine.

Lucas Carvalho, Forest Engineer, Brasil.

This course is masterfully delivered, well-structured and intellectually gratifying. I would recommend anyone who is interested in earth engine and its endless possibilities to look no further. There are many tutorials and introductory guides available, but this is a completely effective form of achieving earth engine and remote sensing skills in a fun to learn format. I am grateful to Ujaval and Santosh for this course, and I’m eager for more earth engine courses from Spatial Thoughts.

Nicolas Diaz, Graduate Student, Canada.

I had completed the crash course on End to End Google Earth Engine. It was one of the best learning experiences I had, at Spatial Thought Academy, right from concept development to practical application. I am interested to join more upcoming courses at Spatial Thought Academy. Finally, thanking you very much Ujaval Sir and Mr. Santosh for wonderful experience on well-designed GEE course with practical orientation

Pankaj Kumar Pandey, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, India

The course is insightful. There are analysis that are taxing and takes a lot of time, however, utilizing the principles from this course, I can solve those problems within a short period of time. I recommend this for all geospatial analysts.

Kayode Adeniyi, GIS Consultant,

Spatial Thoughts offers well-researched and comprehensive training. The thoughtful approach immediately teaches how to apply theory to practice.

Nieves Gruneiro, County College of Morris, United States

I was lucky to attend on the End to End Google Earth Engine course in Nov 2021. This course has set the right path for me to take my geospatial analysis skills to the next level. As a novice in the remote sensing domain using desktop-based softwares, now I am able to work on national and regional scale researches about water and land resources management and climate change studies. Thanks to the lecturer Ujaval, he is really knowledgeable and expert in this domain, and also thanks TA Santhosh for his endless support.

Mukhtar Abdi, Universiti Putra, Malaysia

This course has revealed the potential and beauty of GEE. I must say, being a beginner and with a basic GEE understanding, I now have a clear approach to solve any problem using GEE. We were given time to reflect and explore our understanding with exercises after every tutorial. The skills obtained from this course will not only allow you to create things from your imagination, but also from imagination of others. The educators of this course, Ujaval Sir and Santhosh (TA), have been soo humble, helpful, and encouraging throughout the course.

Pooja Shah, Research Scholar, India.

It’s been a great learning experience that I would definitely build on. I previously had shabby knowledge of GEE but with this class, I can say I moved from shabby to comprehension

Aremu, Babtunde David, GIS Consultant, Nigeria

The End-to-End Google Earth Engine class was wonderful! I learned a lot from both ujaval and santhosh. I started the class with no experience in GEE, and I finished the course having learned many practical skills and knowledge. The course is well-structured, and the material is explained clearly. I highly recommend this class. It is very useful, and I had a great time learning.

Alfredo Rojas, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, United States

The End to End Google Earth Engine course was wonderful. Very well-structured and perfectly conducted by Ujaval with the support of Santhosh. Worth investing two weekends to save hours of data processing in the future.

Joan Bauzà, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Various researchers have undertaken several studies on land use and land cover in my region, but none of the prior research attempted to employ the new Google Earth classification technique when i submit my proposing topic, i don’t have any idea on how to start the implementation that lead me to looking for alternative from YouTube to attend some free and paid course that am not satisfy with until i came across a post on linkedin about spatial thoughts on end-to-end GEE. i will testify now that Ujaval Gandhi is the best tutor when its comes to GEE. Thank you

Musa Adam, Yobe State University, Nigeria

This was one of the best online hands-on skill training I have ever attended. The deep dive into the remote sensing capabilities of Google Earth Engine was just was more than I expected, and I got to learn essential skills from intermediate to advanced applications in supervised classification, machine learning and creating and deploying apps. The insight on deep learning was a good eye-opener on how Earth Engine, TensorFlow and Google Colab can be integrated for advanced deep learning. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to take their Remote Sensing skills to join the course. A special thanks to Ujaval and Santhosh for facilitating this End to End GEE training.

John Waweru, University of Bonn, Germany

This course was way beyond my expectations and just excellent. Ujaval is an excellent teacher and has tremendous knowledge which he shared with all of us. The guidance of Santhosh was also extremely good.

Ellen Brock, Freelance data scientist, India.

I heard a lot about the power of the Google Earth Engine, however, being a non-computer programmer and seeing the complex javascript coding in the GEE platform, I was always held back from making an attempt. The End-to-End Google Earth Engine class has done a magic in understanding how the GEE works and how to write my own code for various remote sensing applications. The course is well-designed from most basic to the advance level and of high quality. I have gained lots of new insights, and I am confident that I can easily take it to the next level. My only regret is that I should have taken this course a long time back. I strongly recommend anyone who works with the conventional RS and GIS to attend this course and easily leverage the GEE technology for various useful application and make a big difference.

Chokila, National Land Commission, Bhutan

After working with several remote sensing and GIS approaches in the last decade, now it is time to move to a platform with great capabilities. This course provides all need knowledge about GEE and the implementation of most of the updated RS methods. The course was well-designed and the level of interaction with instructors is high and acceptable. Thank you for help, motivation and quick response.

Dr. Ahmad Fallatah, King Abdullaziz University, Saudi Arabia.

My understanding towards Google Earth Engine and its structure was made more easy and the overall learning through live practice made it more comprehensive enough to understand. I strongly recommend this course for those who want to master GEE.

Priyanka Machya, Freelancer, India

Rarely is a brilliant mind also able to teach with excellent pedagogy, passion, and humility. Ujaval has all of these characteristics as he leads you through the course materials. I learned so much more with Ujaval and Vigna’s guidance than I would have with the materials on my own. Having started as a complete beginner working with data in Earth Engine without formal education, I now feel confident to tackle so much more of what lies ahead of me in remote sensing.

Zach Torres, United States of America.

I got introduced to the vastness of Google Earth Engine, Ujaval’s course work and exercises induce a good amount of confidence to make everyone attending the Earth Engine course gain basic skills in working on Google Earth Engine. During the class, Ujaval provides many examples and also clarifies all the doubts. All in all, I got a good basic understanding of the capabilities of Google Earth Engine and I think Spatial Thoughts team has done a good work in building this course work. I thank them for their good work in introducing this challenging topic in an easy-to-understand manner. Thanks Ujaval and team!

Gurudatta, Aaron-GSD, India

This GEE training session was of really high standard. Overall, I had a great learning experience and exposure GEE fundamentals. Thanks to the course instructors for the excellent teaching style, I now have a better understanding of how JavaScript works. The modules covered have given me a solid foundation to progress in my automated geospatial data processing exploits. I very much recommend the course without any reservations.

John E. K. Akubia, Freelancer, Germany

My understanding towards Google Earth Engine and its structure was made more easy and the overall learning through live practice made it more comprehensive enough to understand. A great platform and resource platform to learn, exercise and practice GEE !

Mehreen khan, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India

This course is very useful and enjoyable. Even with a shallow background in GIS or Remote Sensing is possible to follow the topics and content. It is very intensive but definitely worth it, the exercises are very well-designed to grasp the topics and the material is quite complete.

Alejandro Fonseca, Forliance GmbH, Netherlands

End to End Google Earth Engine Course offered by Spatial Thoughts is a course I would recommend anyone wishing to learn large-scale remote sensing data analysis. Study materials are detailed and Ujaval is very knowledgeable in this field and always available to help us understand the materials. The course gives more than enough tools for you to harness the power of Google Earth Engine. Thank you, Ujaval Gandhi and Santhosh for coming up with this course.

Dickson Mbeya, Malawi University of Science and Technology, Malawi

Do check Ujaval’s new course on Applied Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine. The way he structured his course is awesome and it covers all aspects of GEE along with its use case. I strongly recommend this course for those who want to master GEE.

Raja Sivaranjan, Louis Dreyfus Company, India

Extremely useful course for water resources management. As the data and technology to access and analyse becomes easy and powerful, it is necessary to know how to use them. Spatial thoughts course is very useful in this regard.

Sashikumar N, Water Resources Specialist, ACIWRM

Thankful to Ujawal and his team for this extremely useful course on GEE which touches on all aspects of this new age cloud based remote sensing tool.

Harpinder Singh, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre, India

The End-to-End Google Earth Engine course was excellent and covered diverse topics. The course was very well planed with topics from basic to advanced – always including small exercises that make the classes very interactive. It worked perfectly online. Great value for money. I definitely recommend his classes.

Elisa Schneider, Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg (FVA), Germany

A superb way of teaching of Ujaval sir. I learned all things with a different and unique way from basic level to advanced level into a systematic way. Beyond expectation of all the things. I personally want to learn and go all the courses by Spatial Thought Team. Thank you, sir, and Santosh Da for providing me with a great training session of GGE.

Deb kumar Maity, West Bengal State University, India

The GEE end-to-end sessions really helped me pick up GEE very quick. It’s a very well thought and carefully curated session series enabling fast yet meaningful learning. The range of concepts covered (from preparing basic mosaics, to solving classification problems, to quickly setting up GEE Apps to share the results!), guided projects to try out, interactivity during the sessions, the pace of the course, the resources shared and so on, all add to a wholesome learning experience. Anecdotes from real-world applications shared by Ujaval and other participants throughout the course also helped thinking through workarounds and quick hacks. Excited to try out GEE in my projects!

Rajeswari Parasa, IDFC Institute, India

This was an excellent introduction to GEE. It did not just dabble on the basics but took us on the ride showing the various application possibilities that remote sensing provides in general and GEE in particular. Ujaval with his domain knowledge and the will to spread it far and wide to anybody who is willing to engage is praiseworthy. If you have any interests in Remote sensing and want to see it in action, even if you are not a practitioner, you will come out a lot richer from this experience

Joy Ghosh, Akvo,  Indonesia 

I thoroughly enjoyed taking End-to-End GEE with Ujaval and Vigna. After six incredible days of instruction, I’m left hungry to learn and practice more. Earth Engine is powerful, but has a number of quirks and idiosyncrasies, which Ujaval will help you navigate. I appreciate how the course starts at a slower pace for those new to programming and/or remote sensing, then accelerates to cover deeper & more challenging topics and exercises, and finally touches on truly advanced topics like deep learning. Ujaval’s two decades of experience with GIS/remote sensing and deep familiarity with Earth Engine truly shines in this course. He anticipated just about every one of the student’s methodological questions and executional challenges. Drawing upon his deep expertise and real-world work portfolio, Ujaval is very generous with his time, and makes a commitment to help his students, both during and after the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to dive into Earth Engine.

Sean Askay, United States of America