Spatial Data Analytics and Visualization

Gain a solid understanding of spatial data and open-source tools available to work with it. The participants learn practical skills to analyse spatial patterns, derive location intelligence, and produce stunning visualizations. This course is suited for data scientists, business analysts, journalists, data viz engineers and developers who want to incorporate spatial data intro their workflows.


1 Day (8 Hours)


  • None

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to work with all types of spatial data
  • Visualize and analyse location-based datasets
  • Integrate spatial data in data science workflow

Course Outline

  • Spatial thinking and modeling spatial data
  • Data formats
  • What makes spatial ‘special’?
  • Introduction to QGIS
  • Analyzing and Mapping Census Data
  • Location intelligence with GPS tracks and trajectories
  • Analyzing urban transport with anonymized taxi trips data
  • Visualizing weather data and climate patterns
  • Discovering spatio-temporal patterns with time-series data
  • Python libraries for spatial data science
  • Introduction to Spatial Databases and Spatial SQL

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