Advanced QGIS for Water Resources Management

This class is ideal for participants in the hydrology and water resources domain who already use QGIS and want to take their skills to the next level. This class covers a variety of applications for water resources management with a focus on techniques for automating your workflows, advanced visualization techniques, QGIS expression engine and must-have plugins.


24 Hours


Learning Outcomes

  • Automate Map Creation and GIS Workflows
  • Increase productivity and reduce errors
  • Solve complex spatial analysis problems

Course Outline

The class will cover following applications and teach you how to implement the end-to-end workflows using QGIS.

  • Automating calculation of Areal Mean Rainfall using Processing Toolbox
    • Thiessen polygon method
    • Isohyetal method
  • Processing of satellite datasets for ET, Precipitation, Vegetation Indices using Batch Processing Mode
    • Extracting a time series for selected locations
    • Computing monthly, seasonal and annual statistics for different administrative and hydrological units
  • Automating creation of water atlases
  • Reclassifying Land use/Land cover data for Water Accounting
  • Assessing spatial homogeneity and estimating missing rainfall data using Advanced Expressions
  • Calculating and plotting deviation from long-term mean of annual rainfall
  • Combining non-spatial inputs and creating interactive charts


Spatial Thoughts is one of the handful of QGIS certifying organizations globally. Participants who attend a live session of this class will each receive an official, employer-verifiable certification from

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