Spatial Data Visualization with QGIS

Gain a solid understanding of spatial data and open-source tools available to work with it. The participants learn practical skills to work with a wide spectrum of geospatial data. This course is suited for social scientists, data analysts, journalists, economists, journalists, data viz engineers, and developers who want to learn to create maps and visualizations from GIS and Remote Sensing datasets.


8 Hours


  • None

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to work with all types of spatial data
  • Visualize location-based datasets
  • Create Maps and Animations

Course Outline

Course Pre-work (Self-study, 1-hours)

Session 1 (Live Session, 4-Hours)

  • Introduction to QGIS
  • Mapping Air Quality
  • Mapping Census Data
  • Mapping GPS tracks and trajectories

Session 2 (Live Session, 4-Hours)

  • Visualize Point-Clouds and Aerial Imagery
  • View and Process Rasters
  • Visualize and Animate Climate Datasets


Upon successful completion of all the live online sessions and the class assignments, participants will be issued an employer-verifiable certificate from Spatial Thoughts. Learn more.

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Meet Our Participants

Spatial analysis and visualization are necessary for environmental research and natural resources management. This course provides a good overview of methods and techniques to acquire and process data, as well as to detect and visualize their inherent patterns. The instructor is very knowledgeable and has very good communication/teaching skills. I would definitely recommend the course both to GIS newbies and professionals interested in catching up with the development of a powerful open-source GIS software such as QGIS.

Ivan Palmegiani, IP Analytics, Germany.

I really enjoyed this course and learnt so much about QGIS and spatial data analysis, there are so many practical exercises using a range of different analysis techniques and data types. I will definitely be using everything I have learnt going forward! Thank you so much for the engaging and comprehensive teaching!

Farida El Kafrawy, University College London, England

Really interesting and accessible introduction to QGIS. Learnt so much in a short space of time. Ujaval is incredibly skilled in this area and a very engaging teacher. Looking forward to learning more and applying what I’ve learnt.

Chris North, Strategy & PwC, United Kingdom

The course is really interesting . It is not a superficial course. In this course, you understand how the processing works in a deep way. It is a challenging course and at the same time motivating and you will learn how powerful QGIS is. It will open your mind to try understanding the concepts and how to do the processing in QGIS. Also, take a look at the supporting materials that Ujaval and Santhosh prepare for you, it is a great resource.

Lorrayne Crystine Nogueira Oliveira Costa, Prisma Engenharia Ltd. Netherlands

Wow! I never thought 8 hours can be this insightful. There were a lot of hands-on exercises and through these exercises we were introduced to a lot of tools and their function in QGIS, it is indeed learning by doing.

Denrazir Atara, University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines.

It was a unique opportunity, and I really enjoyed being able to participate in it. The graduate is qualified, and its simplicity makes contact more special, after this training my skills have improved a lot.

Jubílio Filiano Maússe, Independent, Mozambique.

The training session went very well with maximum assistance at the very moment you needed it. The training equipped me with skills I did not have in QGIS in terms of spatial data visualization as well as the analytics. The resources were made available to the participants (course material). Lastly, I would like to pass a special thank you to Mr Ujaval Gandhi and his assistant for the unwavering support and patience.

Nam Herold Mthambeka, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

What a fantastic course. Structure was efficient and the presentation was outstanding. The knowledge Ujaval passed on was exceptional and will help me work more proficiently and more importantly with confidence. Thank you very much Ujaval.

Russell Brack, UK

I enjoyed and highly recommend the spatial data visualization and analytics course; the content includes well-structured analyses on spatial data with relevant hands-on exercises for beginners to intermediate users of QGIS. Ujaval makes the lectures and training quite exciting and interactive.

Ridwan Adeyemi Shittu, Research Associate, Germany

Excellent modern introduction to Spatial Data Analytics. First of its Kind. Marries GIS and Data Science into a format which stresses equally on visualization and analyses. The datasets and techniques being used are innovative and seldom explored.

Althaf S, National Institute of Technology Calicut, India

The clarity and felicity of the trainers was encouraging. I aim to explore spatial data science further using QGIS armed with the confidence gained during this hands-on course.

G Arvind Kumar, BITS Pilani, India

I can’t thank you enough for this course and especially the support give by the spatial thoughts team and I would love to get enroll in coming courses as well. Since the mentors in spatial thoughts explain each and everything in such ease that everyone can learn the domain with ease. So thank you so much, and I am looking forward for the further courses as well.

Priyanka Machya, Freelancer, India

Brilliant presentation and delivery from instructor. His knowledge of GIS is impeccable, so is his composure. I learnt a lot from the course to add up to my GIS skill-sets especially and spatial data analysis.

Ibrahim Khalid Mambo, Commission for Lands, Zanzibar

A very well-structured class. It was a great course for refreshing my QGIS’ knowledge. Instructors were there to clear any doubt that came up and were willing to share their experience!

Joaquin Rodriguez, C4ED, Germany

Excellent training! The course material is well prepared and Ujaval is an amazing teacher! I learned a lot!

Martin Enzner, Freelancer, Germany

I am quite satisfied with the training approach of Ujaval, he is well organized in his sessions and his training material and notes are easy to understand and also practice. I am much more confident in handling QGIS after attending Ujaval’s training! All the best Ujaval and a Big Thank You!!!

Gurudatta Kannambadi, Aaron GSD, India

You always learn more than the course title suggest. Ujaval is always happy to share his knowledge of spatial science and associated software and websites.

Milind Joshi

This was an excellent training session that covered a large number of topics clearly, logically and effectively.

Tony Pratt, UK

The Spatial Data Visualization and Analytics course has really opened my mind to how intelligent QGIS actually is and how much it can do beyond just visualization. Ujaval has painstakingly put the course material together, which makes the course very effective!

Bharti Dharapuram, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, India

This course was very useful for the work I do. I learnt a lot of new tools and a more effective way of working with QGIS.

Sharadini Rath, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, India

The training session on Spatial Visualization and Analytics is an excellent course to pursue those who are interested to apply integrated spatial knowledge and skills on day-to-day analysis in urban and regional planning/ built environment sector and other areas/ disciplines. Very useful for practitioners, researchers as well as academics to take their skills further.

Aurobindo Ogra, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

The instructor is well versed in the GIS field, exposing me to new techniques and tips to help me become better on the job. I recommend this course to anyone new and even advanced in GIS.

John Dogbey, Deutsche Gesellschaft, Ghana

The Course structure is well-organized through different class assignments. All the problems and projects are shown by the newer way of handling different spatial datasets, visualization and analytics. I learned many things and now enjoy QGIS. Thank you, Ujaval Sir and Santosh Da. This course is highly recommended to others for modern learning of Data Science.

Deb Kumar Maity, University of Kolkata, India

This course has been a savior in every sense. Ujaval puts his best efforts to make you understand. It was my first course and that gave me confidence to pursue my task with ease. Look forward to all the sessions in the future. His courses must take for all the people looking for beginning working on GIS and Spatial Techniques.

Vaibhav Puri, University of Delhi, India