Spatial Data Visualization and ANALYTICS

Gain a solid understanding of spatial data and open-source tools available to work with it. The participants learn practical skills to analyse spatial patterns, derive location intelligence, and produce stunning visualizations. This course is suited for data scientists, business analysts, journalists, data viz engineers and developers who want to incorporate spatial data intro their workflows.

This course uses QGIS software and also serves as an introductory course to learn QGIS.


8 Hours


  • None

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to work with all types of spatial data
  • Visualize and analyze location-based datasets
  • Integrate spatial data in data science workflow
  • Ability to use QGIS for mapping and spatial analysis

Course Outline

Course Pre-work (Self-study, 1-hours)

  • Spatial thinking and modeling spatial data (video)
  • Data formats (video)
  • What makes spatial ‘special’? (video)

Session 1 (Live Session, 4-Hours)

  • Introduction to QGIS
  • Mapping Air Quality
  • Mapping Census Data
  • Mapping GPS tracks and trajectories
  • View Point-Clouds and Aerial Imagery
  • View and Process Rasters

Session 2 (Live Session, 4-Hours)

  • Analyzing urban transport with anonymized taxi trips data 
  • Analyzing metro rail accessibility
  • Analyzing the distribution of green spaces
  • Location intelligence: Overlay analysis

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Meet Our Participants

What a fantastic course. Structure was efficient and the presentation was outstanding. The knowledge Ujaval passed on was exceptional and will help me work more proficiently and more importantly with confidence. Thank you very much Ujaval.

Russell Brack, UK

Excellent modern introduction to Spatial Data Analytics. First of its Kind. Marries GIS and Data Science into a format which stresses equally on visualization and analyses. The datasets and techniques being used are innovative and seldom explored.

Althaf S, National Institute of Technology Calicut, India

Excellent training! The course material is well prepared and Ujaval is an amazing teacher! I learned a lot!

Martin Enzner, Freelancer, Germany

I am quite satisfied with the training approach of Ujaval, he is well organized in his sessions and his training material and notes are easy to understand and also practice. I am much more confident in handling QGIS after attending Ujaval’s training! All the best Ujaval and a Big Thank You!!!

Gurudatta Kannambadi, Aaron GSD, India

You always learn more than the course title suggest. Ujaval is always happy to share his knowledge of spatial science and associated software and websites.

Milind Joshi

This was an excellent training session that covered a large number of topics clearly, logically and effectively.

Tony Pratt

The Spatial Data Visualization and Analytics course has really opened my mind to how intelligent QGIS actually is and how much it can do beyond just visualization. Ujaval has painstakingly put the course material together, which makes the course very effective!

Bharti Dharapuram, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, India

This course was very useful for the work I do. I learnt a lot of new tools and a more effective way of working with QGIS.

Sharadini Rath, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, India

Brilliant presentation and delivery from instructor. His knowledge of GIS is impeccable, so is his composure. I learnt a lot from the course to add up to my GIS skill-sets especially and spatial data analysis.

Ibrahim Khalid Mambo, Commission for Lands, Zanzibar